Scooping Saturdays at the Downtown Berkeley Farmers Market!

Stop by for a scoop while you shop

or grab a pint to take home! 

 (8/4 & 8/11: buy a scoop and get a pint for 50% off!         Saturday market only) 


Saturday Market   10am-3:00pm
1947 Center St, Berkeley, CA 94704

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Ice Cream
Made Here

Welcome to Ici (ee-see), a one-of-a-kind ice cream shop where all of our treats are handmade. Working from scratch, using organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients, we craft pure, delectable desserts and handmade gifts to share. Ici loves to create special sweets for everyday as well as singular celebrations. In a fast-paced world, we are a place to stop for treats that are created lovingly and passionately by people, not machines: the original meaning of artisan.

Flavors of the Day

*** Our flavor menu is updated once daily, in the morning before the shop opens. It is likely to change throughout the day. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding! ***

2948 College Avenue (Original Location)

Friday ~ August 10, 2018

Earl Grey
Raspberry-hibiscus sorbet
Horchata ice milk
Rose matcha marshmallow
Burnt caramel
Honey-vanilla-black tea
Bourbon-chocolate chip
Candied Meyer lemon                                                    




Every day Ici offers 8-11 flavors of ice creams, sorbets, and sherbets that can be enjoyed in cups or our hand-rolled, chocolate-filled tip ice cream cones. Our ice cream is handmade fresh everyday in small batches using only organic dairy & eggs and sustainably-raised ingredients. The flavors change daily; many are based on seasonal ingredients, although we always have chocolate and vanilla! All of our ice creams are also available to take home, hand-packed, in pints or quarts.

2079 University Avenue (Second Location) 

Friday ~ August 10, 2018

Earl Grey
Coconut passionfruit sorbet*
Raspberry limeade sherbet
Ginger gingersnap
Rose-matcha marshmallow
Vanilla-blackberry swirl
Vanilla-blackberry swirl



Quality, Organic

All of our ice creams, sorbets, candies, and cookies are made in small batches, using fresh, local, top-quality ingredients. All of our dairy, including milk, butter, cream, and eggs are certified organic. Most of our fruits, nuts, and chocolate exceed organic standards. No artificial preservatives are ever used, as we make only what will be consumed in a few days to ensure maximum freshness and deliciousness.

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"Ici is the gold standard for a nouveau-style creamery."

— East Bay Express

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