Scoops & Cones

Single Scoop: $3.75
Double Scoop: $5.25
Triple Scoop: $6.50
Hand-Rolled Cone: $1.50
Gluten-Free Cone: $1.50

Every day Ici offers 8-10 flavors of ice creams, sorbets, and sherbets that can be enjoyed in cups or our hand-rolled, chocolate-filled tip, ice cream cones. Our ice cream is handmade fresh everyday in small batches using only organic dairy & eggs and sustainably-raised ingredients. Our flavors change daily as many of them are based on seasonal ingredients, but we always have chocolate and vanilla!

All of our ice creams are available to take home, hand-packed, in pints or quarts. Pre-packed pints are always subject to run out — please call the shop in order to reserve any available flavors. 

We go to great lengths to make fresh, organic cones everyday. Each cone is carefully hand-wrapped around a wooden dowel until it is cool, then chocolate is piped into the bottom to fill the hole. Good to the last bite!


Ice Cream Cakes

Individual: $6.25
Small: $22.00, serves 2-4
Medium: $37.00, serves 6-8
Large: $47.00, serves 10-12
Specials: $50, serves 10-12

Ici is proud to offer hand-crafted ice cream cakes for your everyday or special occasions. These ice cream “bombes” are made in different shapes & sizes, have a layer of cake and pretty flourishes to adorn the outside. The flavors change periodically so call the shop to inquire what we are serving this week. While we always have some to offer at the shop, call ahead to ensure we have the size and flavor you will need for your occasion. Ordering ahead also ensures faster pick-up. 

Individual Igloo ice cream bombes - Individually sized ice cream bombes for one. Gluten free cookies-n-cream and chocolate ice cream with gluten free chocolate cake. White chocolate penguin too:)

Chocolate Swirl Bombe - Two flavors of ice cream atop a layer of dark chocolate cake adorned with delicate swirls of chocolate. 3 sizes

Baked Alaska - Two flavors of ice cream atop a layer of chiffon cake covered in delectable clouds of meringue. At home, the Alaska gets placed in a hot oven to lightly brown the outside meringue like a toasted marshmallow. A classic dessert and a shop favorite! 3 sizes

Frozen Buche de Noel: gluten free chocolate cake with fudge and vanilla ice cream covered in cocoa meringue. Sent home with meringue mushrooms for decorating. Serves 8-10.

NEW: Huckleberry-panforte ice cream tea cake: with ginger cake. Serves 6-8 generous servings


Bites & Treats

Bon Bons: $1.95
Ice Cream Sandwiches: $4.50
Sundae Cups: $6.25
Affogato: $7.25
Rootbeer Float: $6.75
Brownie Sundae: $7.65

Ici offers many ice cream treats, including ice cream sandwiches and bon bons. These bite-sized squares of ice cream are hand-dipped in bittersweet chocolate and served in little paper cups.

Ici also offers a varied selection of homemade candies and cookies daily. Visit our candy & cookie counter to see what we have been cooking up. The selection changes often but some things you may find at our counter:

A selection of cookies like pecan Mexican wedding cakes, chocolate chip with sea salt, chewy gingersnaps, spicy Mexican chocolate-salted almond, coconut macaroons, & vanilla bean shortbread.

Chocolate Almond Dragee (draw-zhay): toasted organic almonds, coated in a crunchy caramel, then enrobed in bittersweet chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder. Addicting and great for gifts. 

Candied seasonal, organic Citrus Peels dusted with sugar. 

Crunchy Nut Brittles: based on classic peanut brittle, these are sweet and crunchy with a hint of salt. Made in many flavors like rosemary-pine nut, cinnamon-pecan, hazelnut-cocoa nib & traditional peanut.

Marshmallows: pillowy puffs of homemade marshmallow in fun flavors like passion fruit, raspberry and peppermint. 

Fresh Meringues: crisp, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth kisses of meringue. Made in many flavors like hazelnut, chocolate chip, toasted coconut, matcha & raspberry, & mint chip.

Gingerbread caramels: soft and chewy caramels with the delicate spices of gingerbread.